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cheapest websites available

standard website

cheap fully responsive websites

cheap fully responsive websites

Fully featured responsive websites with content management and marketing built in for cheapest prices possible.

Introductory offer first 100 websites only $300

A standard website will deliver most of the functionality a major global website for the possibly the cheapest website prices in Australia.

For those who get on board with us early, we are offering our websites for $300 plus domain name and hosting. This has to be the best value websites on offer. 

Basic websites offer images, galleries, text content, videos, calendars, emails, contact forms plus social media marketing on almost all major platforms such as facebook, twitter etc. 

It even includes SMS and MMS mobile marketing solutions.

Check out the feature list for a detailed break down. And don't forget all the tools which come with it.

The basic website will offer everything available on this website excluding the shopping cart, invoicing and accommodation modules.

This has to be the best fully featured but cheapest website available on the internet.

web shop

free online web store

free online web store

Free online web store available with every website

We can include a web store with your website for a small additional fee of

$100. These are fully feature web stores and allow you to immediately be up and running, taking orders and selling online. An amazing offer.

This means you will be paying less than $500 for a fully featured website PLUS your own web store. This has to be one of the cheapest web site and online shops available.

accommodation site

Accommodation management software

Accommodation management software

Online accommodation management software which allows you to promote and run your business

We can install free online accommodation software to run your business for a small fee of only $100. So you can have a full featured website PLUS your online software for accommodation management.

The software caters for bookings, rooms, availability and everything you need to run your hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, farm stay, camp grounds, retreats, or any other similar style business.

The software is absolutely free and we only charge a small fee to install the extra requirements and databases.

online invoices

Free online invoice software

Free online invoice software

Free online invoice software to track your financial and allow customers to pay online.

For small extra fee of $100 we can install free online invoicing software to allow to create and track your invoicing. Your clients can even pay online with this software and coming in 2018 we are hoping to integrate with the ATO to to generate your statements.

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free features huge savings

free features huge savings

Save with free email marketing, web push marketing, sms, bookings, web store and invoices

Normally you would have to pay for a service like Mail Chimp to deliver your online email campaigns. Another service for online SMS. Another for your customer bookings, web store, invoices, web push services, image editing, video editing etc.

Our websites offer all these services free. Each one of these services could cost upwards of $10 a month. Often much more. When you combine them all your business could be saving hundreds of dollars a month.

SMS services does not include the cost of SMS messages however the service comes free of charge.

Everything on this site, including the image editing, was delivered with our software.

Take a look at the list of features and list of tools to see how much you save on your web costs.